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Why do you need a Cycling Jersey?

Posted by on Mar 12, 2016

Why do you need a Cycling Jersey?

If you want to look your best when riding a bicycle, then you will need the proper cycling jersey. Some people may question why they would need a bicycle jersey, but the fact is without it you could be a danger to yourself and other bicyclists riding alongside you. Here is how you can find the cycling jersey that you need.

You need to decide whether you will need a long sleeved jersey or a short sleeved jersey. You will need to take into consideration the weather. If it is too hot and you are wearing a long sleeve, you may find that it is going to be too hot on you and you’ll end up sweating too much. This can cause you to overheat and could be very serious. You can’t wear a short sleeve out in the cold. If you catch a cold you may not be able to ride for a while.


A cycling jersey may come in a full zip jersey or a partial zip jersey. If you want a jersey that will give you ventilation while you are riding then you want the full front zipper. This will give you the comfort you need to ride your bicycle in any weather. You want to look good while you are riding and yes, you can have both comfort and style in one outfit.

a702a141c776604aad5654b236e0b1e2Everyone has a different fit that they prefer. If you are not comfortable then you are not going to ride the way you want to. Do you prefer a loose fitting jersey or do you like the type that will fit more snug? The snug fit is most preferred by cyclists in competition because they need to make sure that their outfit is secure on them while riding. Loose fitting clothing is too dangerous when racing.

The number of pockets in your cycling jersey is very important. You want enough pockets to carry anything personal while you are racing, whether you are racing in a race or you are just leisure riding. You can choose from front pockets, back pockets, and side pockets. You may also choose zippered pockets or pockets that have elastic closure.

You may think that zippers do not have a lot to do with a cyclist jersey but if you are out riding you will want a place to put your money, cards, or house key.t

When selecting a bicycle jersey you will need to measure before you begin searching for the right jersey. You may need to try on a few before you find the right one that fits your style and is comfortable on you. There are two different ways to purchase your jersey; online or at the store. If you order online you can have it delivered to your door. If you go to the store you will get to try on the jersey before you purchase it.

7357c91b234b19144323fef5f6665d66You can look good with almost any jersey you choose, but just make sure that it fits. After all, one just has to look the part while we are out and about and enjoying the pleasurable experience of being at one with our bicycles! If it happens that you are looking for kid’s equipment,  store with the best mountain bikes for kid will also have a kid’s cycling jersey among the rest of the equipment.

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How To Find Good Folding Mountain Bikes

Posted by on Mar 8, 2016

How To Find Good Folding Mountain Bikes

Many people wish that they could have a bike but simply feel that they do not have the space for a bike. Fortunately, there are folding mountain bikes on the market that feel great to ride and take up very little space. These types of bicycles may be perfect for the cyclist who is serious about riding, but also needs a bike that fits within his or her lifestyle.

A bike that folds has many advantages. For example, if you commute to work on the bus or via train and wish to use your bike to get you to the station, it will be much easier for you to take this type of bike onboard with you. Trying to take a full size bike, on the other hand, can be a major challenge, since you have to share the space with so many other people.

If you are worried about theft, a bike that folds may be a good option. Unlike traditional bicycles that need to be chained or locked to some kind of post outside, a bike that folds can be taken indoors with you. As long as you are strong enough to carry the bike that you bought, people should not have any problems with you carrying your bike into their businesses.

A bike that folds is also great for taking on trips. If you need to drive to your destination and do not have a bike rack, a folding bike is a good option. It should be able to fit into your trunk very easily. You might even be able to check it in as luggage when you are flying across the country. Just be sure to pack it safely.
When choosing a bike that folds, you need to be very careful. There are many cheap options on the market, but these may not be suitable for long rides or riding along rough terrain. When it comes to buying a bike, the price often tells you how good the parts are.

Today, there are some very high end foldable bikes. These will cost roughly the same amount of money as a high end traditional bike. Like those bikes, they will be made of great materials, like carbon or aluminum, rather than steel, and they may even feature shock absorbing suspension forks.

$_1Folding mountain bikes are a great way to combine convenience with your sportier side. Be sure to find a bike that allows you to ride the way that you need to and for as long as you would like to. In case you have a friend or someone who is close to you and who is in the world of cycling, I think that these folding bicycles are amazing gifts for cyclists if you want to surprise someone for the birthday or any similar event.

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How Cycling Glasses Provide Benefits To Cyclists

Posted by on Feb 28, 2016

How Cycling Glasses Provide Benefits To Cyclists

Whether you cycle on the roads or off road, one of the best items of gear you can invest in is a decent pair of cycling glasses. There are several good reasons to get a pair, but the main one, as always, is safety. This is especially true if you suffer from defective vision and would require prescription glasses to drive a motor vehicle. In this case you should be correcting your vision when cycling also. You can find very stylish cycle glasses which also allow you to use prescription lenses, so you will look cool and be able to see where you are going!

One of the problems for people who wear normal corrective eyeglasses is that when they ride, the wind swirls around the frames and into their eyes. This can be a real problem as it causes the eyes to fill with tears, which can affect vision. Fortunately, the best cycling glasses are designed with this in mind, and the frames wrap around the head to protect your eyes from the wind. Many types provide a snug fit over the face so that wind cannot enter from above or below either. These styles also have air holes so that they do not “fog up” when you are working hard pedalling uphill, for example.


One of the main dangers on the road for cyclists – more so for the majority who have good vision – is small objects hitting the eyes. A sudden strike to the eye can obviously cause damage in its own right, but will also take your concentration off the road, possibly causing you to swerve or have an accident. When riding without eye protection, the usual suspects will be dirt and particulates blown around by faster moving cars and trucks; various other debris thrown up from the road surface; and of course flying bugs and insects, which always seem to relish the opportunity to hurl themselves at full speed right into your eyes!

Road cycling glasses will, at a stroke, eliminate all these dangers. Just remember though that they are not built to be indestructible. They are made from hard wearing shatterproof polycarbonate, so they should give good protection against the usual small objects such as flying gravel catapulted up by car tires.

9fde3765d8f0ab596320cda62cd6fdbbAnother important benefit, especially to people who ride often, is protection from the sun. Most ordinary sunglasses will provide satisfactory shielding from type A ultraviolet radiation. If you are out on the road for hours at a time, you will need better coverage though, so it is best to opt for cycling sun glasses that will shield your eyes from UVA but also UVB and UVC radiation. You only get one pair of eyes so lavishing attention to protect them properly will reward you in the long run, since the sun’s rays can otherwise easily cause irreparable damage to your vision. It is also well worth realizing that UV rays are still there even when it is cloudy, so some of the well-known brands offer UV-protective layers on their ranges of cycling glasses designed for lower visibility conditions; as well as on their sunglasses ranges.


So those are some of the eye safety benefits of getting yourself a good pair of cycling glasses. And of course, apart from shielding you from lurking dangers they also look really cool! These are great gifts for cyclists.

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Like cycling? Try Cycling in Chicago

Posted by on Feb 14, 2016

Like cycling? Try Cycling in Chicago

Are you looking for an exciting new sport to pick up or just a sports activity that isn’t too hard, relativity easy and will help you shed a few pounds?  Cycling is a perfect sport for you then. It may seem like a dangerous, tiring and advanced sport but it’s as easy as 1 2 3. All you need is motivation to get out there and cycle hard! Many people think that cycling is a difficult sport where you need all the right gear and know how to pick it up, this is wrong as there are many different types of bikes, routes and tracks for you to bicycle on. This activity is the best if you are going with your friends or with your wife – so make sure you check the best mountain bikes under 1000 for womens.

Where to get a bicycle in Chicago

Images-Routes-imgRoute1Acquiring a bicycle in Chicago has now become much easier, with a vast number of bicycle shops and rental pit stops where bicycles are for rental and 2nd hand bicycles are for sale at a cheap price. Find out which bicycle best suits you, then purchase it. Foldies, which are folding bikes, have become popular among the community in Chicago. These bikes are allowed on the MRT from 8am – 4:30 pm and after 8pm. The community in Chicago is still fighting to get these bicycles allowed on the MRT during peak hour.

Bicycle Chicago around with safety in mind

Although bicycling in Chicago can be fun, exciting and a great way to meet new people. Safety is very important, there have been a number of accident involving people riding bicycles and occurring traffic accidents due to their lack of understand for the road rules. The government has spent millions creating safe parks and Park connecting networks for cyclists of all difficulties to use. By sticking to these networks and growing your confidence in cycling and cycling on the road, you can ride safer.

Some advice for when cycling on the PCN is to have a bell on your bike and ring it when approaching pedestrians from 30 metres away, I would also recommend ringing it more than once in case they don’t hear you the first time. Always be alert whether you are on the road, PCN or on a pathway, Pedestrians and traffic have a habit of coming out of every corner when you least expect it.

Road Respect

1352149535_chicagobikes1-528x396Just like a surfer respects the ocean and its creatures, respect the roads and it’s traffic. Don’t engage in road rage or get frustrated as that will only heighten the situation. Warn drivers on the road of your intentions by using hand signals and always slow down and stop at pedestrian crossings and stop signs. If you’re on the path way and you come across an area with high human traffic such as a bus stop slow down and dismount if you have to, remember to ring your bell when approaching pedestrians to warn them of you presence. Remember to share this information with fellow cyclists to minimize the number of road accidents.

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Getting a mountain bike – from the very beginning

Posted by on Feb 4, 2016

Getting a mountain bike – from the very beginning

The first step in the process is to become familiar with the different types of mountain bikes. When I decided to get involved with mountain biking and visited the local bike stores and  I was totally blown away at the wide variety of the mountain bike types, components, and prices. When I talked to a salesperson I realized there were many questions I had to have answered before deciding on the bike to purchase. In general the basic topics to explore and decision to be made boiled down to:

Mountain Bike Type

Bike components


BMC_MainOnce you have identified the mountain bike type, bike components, and a budget based on the type of trails you will be riding the next step is to search for the bike to match your needs. There are a variety of places in which to purchase a mountain bike. Each one will be explored identifying the pros and cons of each. Along with advice on purchasing a mountain bike a list of other additional items to be bought will be discussed. In case you are looking for a bike for your children try to search for the best mountain bikes for kid from $300 to $1000.


Finding Trails to Ride

After the bike is purchased and before going out and riding on a mountain trail it is important to find a trail that is suitable for your ability. Always keep in mind when searching for the right trail is to not choose a trail that is too steep and too technically challenging for a beginning mountain biker rider. Your safety should be of upmost importance and thus do not take on a mountain trail that is beyond your riding abilities. Second of all, by riding on a trail within your abilities will reduce the number of falls and accidents and thus preventing damage to your bike. The section on finding bike trails to ride will assist you in find those trails that match your ability.


Preparing for a Trail Ride

Now that you have a bike and found a trail matched to your riding ability, the next step is to prepare for the trip. This section of the book will provide, in checklist form, all the pre-trip preparations, as well identifying items to inspect on your bike before heading off to the trail. Also provided will be “a rules on the trail” list explaining trail etiquette when approaching hikers, horseback riders, and other bikers on the trail.

On the Trail Bike Repairs

0When out on the trail you will eventually have an emergency repair on the trail. The next section will go over the two most common emergencies on the trail; a flat tire and broken chain. There are many other emergencies that can occur but the others are usually the result of a crash from the obstacles on the trail or going too fast and losing control. Since this is for the beginning mountain biker as long as the biker is on a trail matching their ability and are able to keep their bike in control at a safe speed the other emergencies are less likely to occur.

Cleaning and Maintenance of a Mountain Bike

The next to last section will focus on what to do after a trail ride and when you get home. One section will discuss the recommended methods for cleaning and the other for maintenance on your bike. Cleaning and maintenance are important because if you take care of your bike before and after the ride many of the other emergencies that can occur on the trail can be reduced. It is much easier taking care of your bike at home than on the mountain trail.


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Bicycle shorts and cycling jerseys – the equipment you must have

Posted by on Jan 18, 2016

Bicycle shorts and cycling jerseys – the equipment you must have

The cycling experience of today happens to be more technical than in the past. The technological innovations have been able to provide, the perfect experience for the pro bicyclists. As the significance of having modern day cycles to compete in any competition is necessary, so is the clothing being used by experienced cyclists!  The energy that can be gained by way of appropriate cycling shorts is very useful for the pro cyclists. One of the most irritating factor is the constant friction that is produced when cycling

The modern style cycling shorts will usually shield your skin and assist to evaporate perspiration as they serve to cool the muscles of the legs and inner thighs. These shorts have the capability to pull perspiration that is produced by heat to the outside of the material away from the skin. The construction of the modern cycling shorts also tends to compress the legs, which has a tendency to decrease muscle fatigue and discomfort.

Whenever the cyclist encounters less pain, he or she can create more speed and develop more stamina levels so it can be said that cycling shorts improve the overall cycling experience delivering more comfort and much less tiredness at the same time.

mhRxINRXPRVSkc9o3SDJhFQAn additional feature of pro style cycling shorts is the fact that they really are crafted in a way to actually protect the female and male body and this is the reason you’ll find different design shorts available for women and men cyclists. Their built-in padding and structure supplies the most comfort imaginable while safeguarding one’s private areas of the body.

Essentially the most helpful utility of the cycling shorts, to the qualified professional cyclist might be that the more compact design of the shorts enables aerodynamics shape that avoid resistance to the wind to the lowest level. With lowest resistance to the wind both acceleration and top speed is usually elevated exceptionally. Possibly this is the reason the pro cyclists can go up to the highest possible speed of 40 to 50 mph. which is not attainable under typical conditions.
If compared with the traditional clothing, cycling shorts are certainly lightweight, this can be another chance to raise the speed of the cyclist. When every one of these advantages are combined together great clothing for the pro cyclist is gained. Increasing the compatibility of cycling and competition correspondingly, cycling shorts are in growing marketplace demand.

One more thing about the best cycling shorts, the materials, those are being used are elastic and lycra (spandex). The material of the shorts tends to deliver the greatest results in the use of the cycling shorts. These fabrics are properly chosen to decrease the heat creation and minimize friction to the minimum degree.

imagesThere’s no doubt that the complete professional cycling experience along with the satisfaction experienced by amateur and leisurely riders as well has been vastly enhanced by the inclusion of cycling apparel. The use of the right bicycle shoes, cycling shorts, safety helmets and jerseys permit the rider to enjoy their maximum potential when bicycling. Best mountain bikes and all cycling equipment can be found all over the internet if you are too lazy to go outside to look for the equipment.

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